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This week, I will be continuing our discussion on BioIdentical Hormones

Bioidentical Hormones (Part II)

     Hi, this is Dr. Ron Hunt again, Medical Director for Columbus Medical Aesthetics. I am board certified in internal medicine and maintained a practice of internal medicine for about 25 years, first in North Carolina and later in Columbus, GA. During this edition of Doctors Corner, I will share what was most likely the most frustrating part of my practice. 

     Over the years I saw countless numbers of patients who had at least one but most often a number (in any combination) of the following complaints: “I’m tired all the time”, “I’m just as tired when I wake up as when I went to bed”, “I diet but can’t lose weight”, “I exercise but neither lose weight nor build muscle”, “I don’t have a desire for sex like I once had”, “I hate these hot flashes”, “I have a hard time getting or maintaining a decent erection”, “My brain feels like it’s in a fog”, “I can’t remember like I once did”, “I don’t sleep well anymore”, “I feel depressed (or anxious) and I don’t know why”.

     Naturally, I would order a panel of blood tests with nothing of major significance being abnormal. Perhaps an elevated blood pressure, high blood cholesterol, or blood sugar (diabetes) would provide something to treat, but the treatment rarely made the individual feel any better.

     The use of Bioidentical hormones offers a treatment that can dramatically improve how we feel by optimizing our hormones that naturally wane once we past 40-50 years of age. Over 50 years ago (1955), our life expectancy was 65 years (not coincidentally the age for Medicare benefits). Now our life expectancy is about 80 years, giving an additional 15 years, in which to feel crappy. Bioidentical hormones offers us the opportunity to live those years feeling energetic, productive and like life is worth living. For more information, contact us at Columbus Medical Aesthetics.  


                                                                                                             Thank You,

                                                                                                                     Ron Hunt