The field of body treatments is adapting quickly. At Columbus Medical Aesthetics, we offer four state of the art (non-surgical)procedures focused on fat reduction and body rejuvination. All treatments are done in-house, by our highly trained medical staff. Do we have your attention yet? If so, check out the treatments listed below for more information! Call or e-mail us to set up a 30 minute consultation.    


Body Treatments


Vanquish; an FDA approved, non-surgical fat reducing treatment that takes half the time of traditional CoolSculpting treatments. 

This procedure is performed by a registered nurse that will help you through your contouring journey. The treatment is done once a week for either a four or six week series. 


BTL Cellutone uses the power of therapeutic vibrations to increase lymphatic drainage, waste elimination and blood flow. Using Cellutone on an areas treated with Vanquish ME helps to increase the bodies ability to eliminate the damaged fat cells from the body, both enhancing and accelerating the results of Vanquish ME.


Exilis Skin tightening, is a non-surgical method that will let you see your jowls shrink to reveal your true jawline, re-gain a more youthful look on your neck, loose the crow’s feet, and watch your worry lines and smile lines fade away!


One of todays the fastest growing cosmetic procedures is vaginal rejuvenation. Here at Columbus Medical Aesthetics, we are proud to present women with new treatments to help restore the function, appearance, and sensation of the vaginal area.