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Antigen Leukocyte Antibody Test "ALCATs"

What is an ALCAT test?

The ALCAT test, measures the bodies cellular reactions to over 450 substances while helping to uncover which foods and other substances trigger higher chronic inflammation and other related health conditions such as gastrointestinal and metabolic disorders within your body. To date, over half a million people have been helped by this testing!

How does the ALCAT test work?

A sample of your blood is sent overnight to the ALCAT laboratories. Upon arrival, this sample is put through a multi step quality assurance process. Following the completion of this step, your white blood cells are tested against foods and other substances in a process known as flow cytometry and cell impedance methodology. Once complete your results will be presented in a easy to read format. Also, a 30 minute complementary in-depth review is offered by the Cell Science Systems.   
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